The prices vary for the different films and are depending on your self assessment. Please get in contact with me.


5.- to 350,- $/€ for individuals and social project
50,- to 350,- $/€ for institutions (School, Libraries…)

50,- to 350,- $/

(Screening of Part 5 (Germany) is free for charitable projects.)

2,- $/€ (in Germany)
4,- $/€ (in Europe)
6,- $/€ (International

Presentations and Talks:
Ella von der Haide is happy to present the films in person and to give presentations on the subject.
100,-$/€ to 600,-$/€ (depending on budget and time requirements) plus travel expenses.


Please send an e-mail with
the title of the film,
the amount that you are able to pay,
and the billing address,