Another World is plantable! Part 2

Community Gardens in Berlin 2006
DVD, 38 min.
German, English, Spanish
Ella von der Haide and Alexander Puell

Urban community gardens are a phenomenon that is growing worldwide. In Berlin as well more and more people are coming together in order to structure their
surroundings collaboratively and to grow their own ecological foods. At the heart of the film are the activists from three inner-city community gardens, their visions, and the gardens themselves. They explain how and why their gardens are not only green oases within the city, but also projects that bring “another world” into being.

The 3 projekts portraied in the film:

The Kiderbauernhof (Children’s Farm)
Mauerplatz in Kreuzberg
The roughly 8000 square meters of fallow land were acquired 25 years ago by neighbors and others from the squatter scene. The aim was and is to create a space for children and youth in which nature and ecological cycles may be experienced, and in which the children themselves can play a responsible role.

The Rosa Rose Neighborhood Gardens, Friedrichshain
Since 2004 these roughly 2000 square meters of land have been used by various people and projects. The garden arose out of the Guerilla Gardening scene. It is an international group that gardens here, and in addition the garden is also used by the neighborhood for workshops, cinematic presentations and bread-baking.

Laskerwiesen, a future Citizens’ Park and Intercultural Garden, Friedrichshain
This space of roughly 4000 square meters is not yet a garden. However, as a compromise for the construction of a supermarket in the neighboring lot, a park is being planned for this space that will be overseen by members of the neighborhood. In this park, an intercultural community garden will be
maintained. In connection with this project, it is still to be seen how public green-space planning reacts to the community gardens movement, and seeks to leverage the movement for the optimization of costs. This ambivalent process offers new opportunities for the expansion of community gardens in a city, like
Berlin, that is financially bankrupt.


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The film was sponsored by:
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