Alpines Selbstoptimierungsdrama „KUNSTSCHNEE“ (2013)

By Ella von der Haide

Premiere on February 7th 2013 at Keller der Kleinen Künste Buttermelcherstr. 18, 80469 München at Haus der kleinen Künste e.V. 

In the drama, several large thematic complexes are dealt with freely in a post-dramatic manner: the compulsion to self-optimize in the 21st century, the flow experience strategies in the Big Brother house-like postmodern lifestyle, the destruction of the environment by ski cannons and sports fetishism, as well as the eternal ongoing existentialist basic problem: how the hell are we supposed to imagine Sisyphus as a happy person?


Director: Dominik Frank, Regie als Faktor
Actors: Anke Sabrina Beermann, Katharina Heudorfer, Carina Werthmüller
Music: Thomas Schneider,
Stage: Alina Aurbach,
Dramaturgy: Christina Rings

Cinematic Adaptation:

„Auf der Piste“ is an experimental feature film based on René Pollesch and Reinhold Messner.
Central themes: biopolitical skiing, neoliberal nature experience, sports fetishism and adrenaline- and alpine rush.

Abouth the film:

The film is a daring mix between risk sport and social criticism. Three freerider are trapped in the FLOW. We see them free-riding and in the lift on the way up and finally under the avalanche they are discussing their existence between fun-sport-marketing, adrenalin-addiction, destruction of the mountains, consumerism experience-economy, body-cult and borderline-experiences.

Production, Director, Camera, Editior: Ella von der Haide
Actors: Christian Holzer, Farina Simbeck, Jessica Löffler
Stunts: Alex Z., Ali V., Bernhard H., Ella H., Hannes S.

Leangth: 14’ 40’’