Queer ecologies and urban gardening

Performance and Film Lectures (2016-2019)

Selection of performative lectures and film screenings:


2.7.2019 Queer Gardening in North America, at the Community Academy Bayreuth Academy: Working Group “Rural Futures”

16.10.2018 “Digging Odd” performance-lecture an film screening at the York University, Faculty of Environmental Studies Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies,

19.11.2017 Panel organizer and participant: Sharing the Harvest: Exploring public dialogue in food (sovereignty) research at AESOP “Sustainable Food Planning” conference was hosted by the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience, Coventry University (UK), on the 14-15 November 2017.

6.11.2017 Stimmspur Excursion with Ella von der Haide at Rachel Casron Center Munich

21.7.2017 Queer ecologies in urban gardens: Workshop at foodoctopia program of the Documenta 14  

27.1.2016 Queer Urban Gardening Performance Lecture and film screening as part of the Gendersalons in Munich